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How does it work?

Solar is a 100% clean and renewable energy source that allows you to generate your own electricity using the sun’s energy. The process and technology have been proven over the last thirty years.

Solar panels installed on the roof or on a mounting system on your property convert sunlight into electricity. How? Typically, you’ll need a southern-facing roof or flat roof that is not shaded by trees or other obstructions. During a site survey we can determine how much shade is present at your location at any time of the year and size and install a system accordingly.

When the sun hits your solar panels, electrons are released creating direct current or DC power. This DC power is then sent into an inverter, which takes the power from the solar system and converts it to standard alternating current, normal in any home. This AC power is fed into your electrical box and distributed into the home. Any excess power that your system generates beyond your electric demand can be sold back to your local utility at the standard residential rates per kilowatthour.


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